About Me

I’m Teddy.

I recently had to write a short bio to attach to a thing I was submitting. I finished the thing like half a month before the deadline, but didn’t submit it until the day because writing that bio was a nightmare.

My qualifications aren’t very impressive, I can’t describe my day job without falling into a very angry sleep, my accomplishments aren’t very noteworthy, and my life really just isn’t that interesting. I have creativity, talent, and tenacity, but that’s not a “bio”.

Here’s the best I could come up with:

Teddy Edwards is an artist who tried to sell out and failed. He’s now on a mission to reclaim his soul by making as much cool stuff as he can. His current endeavors include a stage play, a book of short comics, a video game, and other small, assorted things. You can follow his adventures at teddykaboom.com.

It will have to do for now. If I had more room, I would have included this bit:

His sanity and well-being is maintained by his wonderful wife, and tested with the best intentions by his mischievous dog.

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