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Hello, I’m Teddy. This is my blog, where I chronicle my too many personal projects so that I actually focus on and finish them. So far it’s kind of working.

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Oofoe Unseen

Oofoe Unseen is a video game in which you fly around four big neon-coloured caves, destroying eyes that are mysteriously growing out of the walls. The gameplay is focused around flying, learning to manage your speed, and getting a feeling for how fast you’re able to turn in midair. The game’s main gimmick is how you accelerate; you can’t “thrust”, instead you build up speed by flying near to ground, walls, and ceilings. So if you need to go higher than your current speed will allow, you may need to fly off and “scoop up” some speed from a nearby surface. 

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A Very Chill Crowdfunding Thing

102% of stretch goal 🥳


Legumi is now available on Steam! Horray!

Thank you eveyone! Hope you enjoy!

So Here’s the Deal…

I made a game called Legumi not too long ago, and now I want to put it on Steam. But that will cost a bit of time and money. So this is me doing a very chill crowdfunding campaign. I’ll go forward whether or not I hit it. I don’t want to use a service like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo because they all take such a huge cut. We can just set up an e-transfer or something? I guess if you don’t trust me, don’t do it! 

If you give me $20, I will give you: 

  • The game on Steam when it comes out, 
  • Your name in the credits
  • Cheat codes!! Remember cheat codes? I put a bunch in Legumi and then didn’t tell anyone. But I’ll tell youuu 😉
  • The game is already available on, so I’ll give you a copy of that ASAP.

Send me an email at if you’re interested! I’ll let everyone know if/when I hit the target! If I don’t hit the target, I’ll go forward anyways, I’ll keep everyone posted. It’ll probably be up mid-late January, but I’m learning as I go.

Apple developer licence

If by some miracle I make it to $280, I’ll release a version for Mac. This would be neat because the game’s musician only has a Mac, and cannot play the game lmao.

Ways to Share Food

I had yet another cartoon published in Hungry Zine! This one was for their Hot ‘N Spicy issue. It’s full title, “Ways of Sharing Food Ranked by the Effect it Will Have on Our Friendship,” pretty much sums up the premise. It features 12 methods of food sharing, each with a star rating out of five. The stars are not good or bad, they just measure the brain activity going on between the platonic/animal lobes. My findings indicate, I think, it has something to do with degrees of separation of indirect tongue contact.

Check it out!