Super Bean Caravan

Here’s a frustrating development:

I’ve been so busy with Footrub (which is nearly finished, by the way!) That I haven’t been working on Bif Borf. I’ve been trying to ween myself off of dreaming about that game too much; if I think too hard about it, I’ll think about stuff I want to add, and then the game will just never get done, so I’ve been letting myself dream up maybe-in-a-bit projects that might be a nice palate cleanser down the road.

I gave in and worked on one for a few hours, and now it’s another damn project.

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Walrus County

Walrus County is a work-in-progress tabletop role playing game. It’s designed to have rules that are quick to pick up, with fast moving stories for groups that can’t meet very often. The rules favour debate and creativity over rules-lawyering and number-crunching. It also encourages experimentation, and playing multiple characters.

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