Art commissions are a great idea for unique gifts, bringing your ideas to life, or zhuzhing up your presentation at work. And I’ll bet you never thought it would be so cheap and simple!

Step 1:

Know exactly what you want me to draw, and describe it as well as you can. Be detailed about the important details. Let me know what you’ll be using it for, who it’s for, what those people are like.

Step 2:

Build your drawing from this price sheet:

Start with a plain picture ($25)

  • One character
  • Line art / one colour.
  • Blank or simple background (colour/pattern)

Then add features!

  • Simple colour! ($10)
  • Advanced colour! ($20)
  • Background! ($15)
  • Additional characters! ($10 each)
  • Complex props! ($5 each)

Each commission includes:

  • Time Lapse video
  • Sketch phase and 3 revisions
  • Exclusive copyright! (with attribution)
  • Print Quality digital file
  • One Week Turnaround

Save yourself some money!

Recommend someone for a $5 credit!

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Commission 10 or more at once for a 10% discount!

Use me for

  • Family portraits
  • Gifts
  • Personalized greeting cards
  • Children’s books
  • Presentations
  • Colouring books
  • Social Media portraits
  • Role playing games
  • Or whatever!


Terms and Conditions:

  • I reserve the right not to draw certain icky things
  • Copyright is granted as long as attribution is given
  • One week turnaround begins at sketch approval
  • 50% deposit required for commissions above $150


If you agree to the terms and conditions, send your commission and any reference material to! Also make sure to remind me that you subscribed to my newsletter so I don’t forget to give you your discount! And tell me who sent you!