Teddykaboom Kaboom

TeddyKaboom Kaboom is an adaptation of the classic Atari 2600 game “Kaboom” from 1981. Use your mouse to move Diffusely the Bomb Disarming Robot side to side to catch the bombs that I, for some reason, am hurling at the street.

It’s a free download for everyone who signs up to my newsletter! It runs on most Windows machines. There will probably be a Mac version after the completion of Bif Borf.

I wanted to make a quick, dumb game to give away in exchange for subscribers. I almost did Atari Combat, a game I remembered enjoying a lot with friends a long time ago, but unfortunately, that game is still really good. I needed my fun, dumb game that I’m making in a few hours to be at least as good as something that ran on a toaster thirty years ago. looking at Atari Combat, I dunno, I wasn’t 100% sure I could pull that off. I set off looking for a new game that’d better suit my purposes, and that’s when I remembered Kaboom! It’s half my name! it’s meant to be!

Now sure, the rights for Kaboom are held by the only company from that era that’s still going around suing people, but I figure I’m under the radar enough to get away with it. Plus, Kaboom was already a knock-off anyways.

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