Walrus County

Walrus County is a work-in-progress tabletop role playing game. It’s designed to have rules that are quick to pick up, with fast moving stories for groups that can’t meet very often. The rules favour debate and creativity over rules-lawyering and number-crunching. It also encourages experimentation, and playing multiple characters.

It’s set in a world similar to ours but for one big difference: The two Walrusoid gods that preside over everything:

The effervescent Mr. Tusky, and the nefarious Dark Lord Hornhath.

Both visit people in their dreams, bestowing incredible powers to ordinary people. Dark Lord Horn Hath gives his with no caveat, except that they must use them for decadence and selfish gain, and to not inhibit the destruction of Earth or the human race.

Mr. Tusky only grants powers with the request that they be used to stop to the Hornhathi that plague the world.

This project is the result of me being very very busy for a few months, with no time for any creative anything. I endeavoured to start a project I could chip away at in tiny chunks on my phone whenever I had a spare moment to myself. On the bus, on a break, on the toilet, at my desk, on a walk. I’m actually excited to talk about this one more; but it’s not quite there yet.

It’s very nearly done, I just need to get off my butt and finish it.

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