Put Me On The Belt When Your Mom Isn’t Looking

There has been a tiny cartoonist in my soul trying desperately, DESPERATELY to get out since junior high. I don’t know why I’ve stuffed him down for so long. But every once in a while he leaks out a bit, and a comic happens. He’s had some luck getting published lately, so I’ve been loosening his leash and letting more little comics happen.

I was accepted into the AGA zine fair on the flimsy premise that Legumi is like “a zine you can play”. This was super, but I knew I needed to put together an actual zine before anyone played Legumi and realised it’s just a video game. So I threw together this by stitching together some of those little comics that had been happening.

It’s not long. I’m not selling it for much. But Put Me On The Belt While Your Mom Isn’t Looking is still something I’m very happy with, because it represents that kooky little cartoon boy from junior high actually getting to breathe. It features a range of artistic styles and forms of humour. It’s clever and messy and polished and dumb all at once. Every person I show it to has a different favourite, which I think means it has something for everyone.

This is available though Etsy! Tucks nicely onto shelves.