Space Monkeys

Space Monkeys is the pilot episode of an Anthology podcast I had pitched to OnSpec Magazine.

It’s an audio drama adaptation of Ryan M. Williams’ short story, Space Monkeys, about a boy who has trouble communicating with his family but learns to bond over a toy similar to sea monkeys that happens to be an otherworldly creature.

Other WIP

This is where I’m putting things that aren’t MAIN projects, but ARE things I regularly think about and will (hopefully) one day be graduated to proper project pages.

Danbr & Burke

While I am still fuzzy about what I’m going to make out of it, I refuse to let this premise or these characters die. They are my darlings. “Aren’t you supposed to—” Yes, I’m supposed to kill those. I know. I know. I also refuse.

Maybe a book? Maybe a radio play? Maybe a regular play? A graphic novel? Something else? I think for now I just have to find what I found so exciting about the concept when I first came up with it, and chase that. I’m missing something stupid for sure.

Smaller Experimental Video Game

The idea for Bif Borf came out of me screwing around until I stumbled onto something fun. That, as you can imagine, was a great feeling. I wanna feel it again! Every once in a while, I’ll get a crazy hunch that something might be fun, and I take a break from Bif Borf to make a conceptual demo with rectangles and smiley faces. When I get far enough ahead on Bif Borf, I might try developing one of those into something small and fun to fill the meanwhile.


Footrub is a WIP one-act play.

It is about Faye, an amateur musician, who once tricked a mysterious, otherworldly force into giving her the ability to give the world’s second-best foot rubs. She supports herself comfortably with this ability while she hones her craft, but the otherworldly force needs its gift back, and Faye has problems of her own. 

It had begun as a writing exercise at the beginning of summer 2020. It was more or less completed, but it was kinda meh. I threw it out and started over. That’s where we’re at.

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