Other WIP

This is where I’m putting things that aren’t MAIN projects, but ARE things I regularly think about and will (hopefully) one day be graduated to proper project pages.

Danbr & Burke

While I am still fuzzy about what I’m going to make out of it, I refuse to let this premise or these characters die. They are my darlings. “Aren’t you supposed to—” Yes, I’m supposed to kill those. I know. I know. I also refuse.

Maybe a book? Maybe a radio play? Maybe a regular play? A graphic novel? Something else? I think for now I just have to find what I found so exciting about the concept when I first came up with it, and chase that. I’m missing something stupid for sure.

Smaller Experimental Video Game

The idea for Bif Borf came out of me screwing around until I stumbled onto something fun. That, as you can imagine, was a great feeling. I wanna feel it again! Every once in a while, I’ll get a crazy hunch that something might be fun, and I take a break from Bif Borf to make a conceptual demo with rectangles and smiley faces. When I get far enough ahead on Bif Borf, I might try developing one of those into something small and fun to fill the meanwhile.