Bif Borf

Bif Borf is a work-in-progress adventure game for PC, aiming to be released by the end of 2021.

Things are peaceful in the world of Sensibland, until one night when the nefarious Gilty Husk and his legions of monsters emerge from the depths of the ocean…

Since the monsters’ diet consists of human tears, their plan is to kidnap the 120 orphans from throughout Sensibland and live off their suffering for the rest of time.

The last hope that the kids have is Bif Borf, a folk hero of theirs, who always fights for the downtrodden. He is a big, unstoppable bison who can smash through monsters with his great heft, dash across bodies of water, and roll into a huge bouncy ball.

Bif Borf’s stories had always been just that; tales the kids told each other to comfort themselves when times were tough. But one night, every orphan made the same wish at the same moment, Bif Borf came to life!

This game came about a year or so ago. I wanted to dip my toe back into game design after pulling it out in high school. I tried to make an easy game: “like top-down Zelda, but the character has a bit of inertia.” My inexperienced butt got the numbers way off on my first attempt, so it felt more like “top-down Zelda if Link weighed 500lbs and had the top speed of a cheetah.” I’d accidentally made a game in which it was really fun to build up speed and slam into things, so I made the character into a bison, and here we are.

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