Danbr & Burke

Danbr and Burke was an episodic, illustrated online novel. You might say it’s “on indefinite hiatus”, I choose to say it’s “complete for now.”

It was mostly an experiment to see if in addition to two jobs, I could handle writing, editing, and illustrating two thousand words of an adventure fantasy story every other week. It turns out that I can, but should give it more effort than that. Thanks, experience.


To be honest, I’ve been sitting on it for a while because I haven’t been very proud of it. The art and writing are stylish I guess, but also really sloppy. I can see where I was going, but I was taking too many shortcuts to get there.

Looking at it again with fresh eyes after almost a decade, I realize that the most grievous sin it commits is being a bit boring now and then. It has charm, and good ideas. If you’re on this site, it means you’re interested in things I’ve done, so I hereby present to you this thing that I’m slightly too proud of to continue hiding from you.

Over the years I’ve tried a couple times to make something new with the characters and concept, because I still really like them and I think they have a lot of potential. The things that got farthest were an 11-episode radio drama that was written but not produced, and the first draft of a novel.

While I hang back and work on other things, I will try to remember what it was that excited me about the idea in the first place, and try to capture that in something with a bit more skill and polish than this.