Fumble Realm

On the way to the optometrist
My sunglasses fall below the seat
I reach, but am grabbed
Pulled into another world

Fumble Realm is the world’s first text-based action game, and a pretty solid argument against the creation of any new ones.

Take control of a person who has just tumbled into the Fumble Realm. You can’t see anything. You are told in terce, unhelpful lines of text how far away walls are from you in four directions, as well as which direction you’re facing, and the general direction of nearby objects of interest. It is up to you to fumble through the four (five? I don’t remember,) levels looking for the portal to the next one.

I made this game as part of a text-only game jam. I didn’t win, I’m not sure anybody played it. BUT. If you’re into puzzles, if you’ve got a strong visual mind’s-eye, and if you’re ready to do some pen-and-paper cartography, I believe its a pretty clever little puzzle to untangle. I’m proud of it enough to post about it here, anyways.

Available on itch.io! Free! Runs on windows!